Global Invitations by Appointment

You may choose to invite me to your chosen destination as your companion. I am a lover of private get aways, casinos, financial hubs and country escapes…

( Please note some of the cites below I do occasionally and seasonally tour. Tour dates will be listed prior to arrival ensuring advanced notice and allocated pre booking)

Suggestions Include


France : Paris - Nice - Monaco

Switzerland: Geneva - Zurich - Gstadd

Belgium : Brussel - Antwerp


Middle East:

UAE: Dubai

Kuwait ( 48 hour appointments only)

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia : Jeddah ( 48 hour appointments only)


Malaysia : Kuala Lumpur

China : Shanghi - Beijing - Guang Zhou - Hainin - Hong Kong - Macau

Korea: Seoul

Japan: Tokyo


USA:New York - Washington DC- Texas -Florida - Massachusetts -Georgia -California - Nevada -Illinois - Pennsylvania - Hawaii

Global Getaway Companionship

Appointments rates are a minimum of 24 hours with 50% of the amount to be paid 72 hours before the date of the appointment. Travel expenses will be compensated for separate to the duration purchased for the appointment.

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